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  1. The non-refundable and non-transferable deposit must be paid in advance. Furthermore, all courses must also be booked in advance. If you wish to pay in instalments please notify us before the course start date.  Failure to attend on the date of the course shall result in the loss of the payment already given by the student, whatever it may be. If students do not turn up due to illness ONLY a letter from the doctor will suffice as an acceptable excuse.
  2. Only upon the receipt of the minimum payment can a studentís place be guaranteed on courses.
  3. The price displayed is purely the teaching fee. Students will need to cover registration and examination fees on top of that.
  4. The failure of any student to conduct themselves in an appropriate and respectful manner could result in them being subject to expulsion and we will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff at any time. Styles Ahead Training Academy reserves the right to deny training to certain individuals subject to valid reasons. This decision is at the discretion of our Customer Service department.
  5. Styles Ahead Training Academy will provide models for all treatments however students are encouraged to bring their own models too.
  6. Styles Ahead Training Academy will provide all of the necessary equipment for treatments, however students are encouraged to bring their own kit should they prefer too.
  7. Styles Ahead Training Academy is not liable for any lost valuables or possessions within the premises.
  8. Children, friends or family will be denied entry to the training academy during training.
  9. Styles Ahead Training Academy reserves the rights in the content, images, curriculum, handout, website and prospectus. These are copyright of Styles Ahead Training Academy and the use of them is prohibited without prior written authorization from us. Any other use of the academy materials including reproduction for the purpose of amendment, conversion, redistribution or republishing is forbidden without our prior written authorization.
  10. Styles Ahead Training Academy reserves the right to change the course materials, location, assessors and course dates at any instance without advanced warning.
  11. All students must abide by the Terms and Conditions of the Academy at all times. Any students that do not abide by these rules will not be accepted on to the course and may lose their deposit and full course fee.

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